Sensational Soup Dumplings launch this July at Baozilnn

July 17, 2018

Since recently opening in a converted townhouse in lively Soho, BaoziInn Romilly Street has won the widespread attention it deserves for its superior yet well-priced Northern Chinese street food and all-day Cantonese Dim Sum.

BaoziInn famously uses no MSG or superficial food flavouring or colouring. True to form, the xiao long bao are beautiful to look at, dyed with natural food juices.

‘Xiao long bao’ soup dumplings are a type of steamed dim sum most famous in Shanghai but loved all over China for their unique flavour and myriad textures and taste sensations. Always made with minced pork and a hot broth filling, each perfectly balanced and expertly created parcel bursts pleasingly as you bite into it.

This new selection of six xiao long bao, two of each flavour, costs an extremely reasonable £9.90. They are available at lunch and dinner.