Hot May is now open in Knightsbridge

November 7, 2019

Luxury Hot Pot Restaurant Hot May is now officially open in a stunning townhouse on Beauchamp Place. This really is a unique and incredible new restaurant, a modern and contemporary take on tip top quality Chinese Hot Pot, an absolute culinary delight.

Hot May founder and Hot Pot fanatic Joseph Nie guides the diner through an incredible Northern Chinese feast. It starts with top grade sushi and refreshing house salads that excite and refresh the palate. Next up it’s onto the main event, their prized Hot Pot. Choose from a selection of delicate broths, then pick from a wealth of prime quality ingredients, starting with wafer-thin-sliced Wagyu beef brought to the table in all its marbled beauty over crushed ice, gently poached for seconds and dipped in wickedly moreish dipping sauces. Then it’s onto shellfish including Geoduck, lobster, scallop, king prawns, raw fishballs, abalone, sea cucumber and Scottish langoustine again quickly poached, dipped and eaten.
Now it’s the turn of a selection of choice vegetables and silky tofu, followed by the exquisitely flavoured broth itself. Finally, three rainbow-coloured noodle nests conclude the Hot Pot experience. Don’t miss out on Wagyu beef pancakes, a very happy ending to the most incredible meal.

Hot May