Blacklock City is now open

April 6, 2017

Little (but bigger) brother to Blacklock Soho, Blacklock City is now fully open and sure to be a huge hit sitting prettily in its smart new home at 13 Philpot Lane in the heart of the City of London.

Brand new additions to the best-loved Blacklock menu are starters including Pigs head on toast with gravyScallops in black pudding and incredible Lamb ribs. Mains of course feature that hugely popular selection of chops but there are also a handful of new cuts that stand out, such as the Sixth ribeye, an incredible chunk of Prime Cornish beef, a lightly smoked Bacon chop and finally, the best Bread and butter pud with vanilla ice cream.

All dishes are incredible and fantastic value with the usual cocktails for a fiver and wines flowing on tap.

What’s more, reservations are now taken at lunch and dinner.